Two new Jungle Packages Added!

New for this summer we have two new Jungle Packages.

Firstly the Jungle Package that covers an area of up to 6 metres by 5 metres ideal for children up to six years old.

Secondly our Junior Jungle Package for our very youngest customers up to 18 months old taking a floor space of 4 x 4 metres.

For full details go

Watch this space!

Announcement coming soon, go on, have a guess……

Bump And Beyond Baby And Toddler Fair.

17th March 2024 we will be exhibiting at the Bump and Beyond Baby and Toddler Fair at the Norfolk Showground Arena. Promises to be a lively, well attended event so if you are expecting or have little ones, come along and see us and the other 80ish exhibitors.

Password issues with booking forms.

We have recently had customers informing us of not being able to access the booking forms. This issue should now be fully resolved. For once it’s not Steve’s fault. Sincerest apologies for this problem, it’s all my fault overlooking one little setting……..

Ride On Animals – Prices reduced.

We have decided to lower the hire rates for our Ride On Animals. We felt the prices we were charging were putting our valued customers off from choosing to add them to their parties and decided we needed to address the problem. That we have done. The new prices can be seen here.

Website update complete.

I have finally completed the updates required to the website to include our new pricing/timing structure. Should you find any errors please do what we do and blame Steve…. or drop us a nice email pointing out our errors!


Wednesday 3rd January 2024

A very happy New Year to all our friends, family and customers past, future and present.

Our new party times and pricing structure is now in place however the updates to this site are taking far longer than I originally anticipated. Please be assured this task will be completed just as soon as I am able to do so. In the meantime I’m in need of some sleep so I’ll doubtlessly be dreaming of all the ways I could potentially turn the whole site into meaningless ones and zeros……..


Friday 22nd December 2023.

New party times and pricing structure.

From 1st January 2024 all bookings will be subject to our new timing and pricing structure. We have introduced these changes for two reasons.

  1. To simplify the way we charge for parties.
  2. To ensure maximum choice for our customers.

From 1st January 2024 we will introduce “Party Time Plus”. This will fit in as follows.

  1. Party Time Hire – For parties up to three hours in duration.
  2. Party Time Plus Hire – For parties over three hours but under six hours in duration.
  3. Full Day Hire – For parties over six hours duration.

We expect these changes will give our customers more flexibility with party timings as well as simplifying the way we charge. By making these changes we have done away with charging “extra £10 per item per hour” which were sometimes a cause of confusion, now all parties will fall within the three pricing bands simplifying things for our customers and for us.

Saturday December 16th 2023.

New package upgrades added.

New upgrade options for packages have been added to the site. These are –

  • 3 Ride on options for the Unicorn Package
  • 3 Ride on options for the Princess Package
  • Further option for all packages

These upgrades can be viewed on the new Package Upgrades page.

Thursday December 14th 2023.

New delivery prices page added to site.

We have today added a new page to the site where our delivery prices can be viewed. You can view this HERE or use the menu item above.

Tuesday November 7th 2023.

New pricing structure to be introduced.

All bookings made from 1st January 2024 will be subject to our new pricing structure. This is to enable more flexibility to our customers with regard to party times.

More details will be announced once the details have been finalised. We expect this to be early to mid December.

July 2023

Please Note –

Softplay2u and Soft play 2 You are two separate and unconnected business’. If you have placed an order to purchase soft play equipment with Soft play 2 You based in London SW19 you need to contact as we, Softplay2u based in Norfolk only HIRE soft play equipment.

Thank you for your understanding.